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Brass Replica Cannons by East India Company


This is our newest replica item. (Currently out of stock.) A replica brass cannon based on an piece from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic War period. It is based on a muzzle loading English rail or swivel gun from King George the third's reign. It can be a great display piece or noise maker with a little skill. It comes as pictured, solid brass weighing in at approximately 70 pounds.




Vertically cast, rough polished, bored to size and cleaned up. Polish to a high shine or leave as is. The barrel is approximately 27" long, 9" across the trunions, 4" across the muzzle and 4-1/2” at the breech. The bore is lathe turned to 1-5/8" as are the trunions. It has a crest cast on it for George the 3rd. Brass guns like this were used on naval vessels for the fighting tops, as swivel guns on the rails, as signal cannon and as life saving cannons. Or, you can mount it in a naval carriage if you want. A great display piece.

Cannon Dimensions

Cannon Dimensions

Cannon Live Firing

Perfect for period re-enactment, every navel vessel needs great guns! Merchant vessels carried these to repel pirates and pirates carried them to capture merchant vessels. These were used by American forces during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 as they were common and versatile.

Cannon Example Usage

Cannon Cannon Live Firing

Price per barrel is $1550.00
Shipping and Handling is additional and quoted at time of purchase.
This item is currently out of stock. Check back soon for updates.

East India Company

Polished Barrel   Polished Barrel
  Polished Barrel

Polishing available for an additional $450.00 per barrel.

Click below to see a video of the cannons in action aboard the Monaco!

Davey Williams and Dottie
Davey Williams and Dottie

Davey Williams and Dottie
John D's cannon and his customer built carriage.

Cannon Cannon Live Firing

Davey Williams and Dottie


Note: These barrels are sold as a replica muzzle loading black powder replica and are not covered by the Gun Control Act of 1968 or the National Firearms Act of 1934. These are sold as a non-firing replica with an undrilled vent. Items will be shipped by UPS and actual shipping cost will need to be estimated. These are being sold as non-firing replicas. When properly modified these cannons were intended to be fired with a vent powder charge or green fuse and with a paper cartridge or black powder only and are not represented or intended in any way to fire any kind of projectile at any time with any kind of propellant or charge. It is entirely and solely the responsibility of the owner of the cannon barrel to determine if the cannon can be fired at any time. Any modifications done are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Please read the Cannon safety rules and firing procedures for muzzle loading cannons >>


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